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Comprehensive Tribology Service - Wear Testing, Debris and Surface Analysis

We offer a comprehensive, ISO 17025 accredited, tribology service, including wear testing, debris, wear pattern and surface analysis, for knee and hip implants.

Working with one supplier saves you time and hassle and enables the collation of a complete data set. And while data is important, at Lucideon we do much more than that - thanks to our extensive analytical capabilities and our materials expertise we also provide support as you move forwards with design.

Wear Testing

Carried out to all parts of ISO 14242-1,2 for hip and ISO 14243-1,2,3 for knee simulation, our experts use the latest high-tech ProSim and AMTI simulators to provide credible, accurate and complete data.

We also offer custom wear testing, using our in-house machine shop to make design-specific fixtures for the simulators, so that you can test new designs.

Your data needs to be credible, accurate and complete and, at Lucideon, thanks to our accreditations and our dedication to providing quality, you can be sure that you'll receive a complete data set that is reliable and relevant.

Debris Analysis

Analysing wear debris can inform product development. We provide both qualitative information using SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) and quantitative information, such as particle size distribution, using laser diffraction techniques. Additionally, we also offer chemical analysis to understand the composition of the particles.

Surface Analysis

Our advanced capabilities for surface analysis provide invaluable information on what is really happening at the interface between your materials.

  • Does a coating or process used to improve the hardness/wear properties of your component affect the base material in any way?
  • Does the articulation cause material transfer or migration across the interface or into the surface that could be detrimental?
  • Is a chemical reaction occurring between the dissimilar materials and affecting the properties or biocompatibility of the components?
  • Is the wear pattern consistent and, if not, is it because of the materials or the design?

A combination of chemical (elemental and molecular) and topographical surface analysis will help to answer these questions and, at Lucideon, we have techniques that provide both qualitative and quantitative data.

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